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Chagu Chagu Umakko is on this coming Saturday!
(English after Japanese)


The second Saturday of June in Iwate, trees deepen their green color and rice fields are filled with water.
Chagu Chagu Umakko Festival is one of traditional event held every year in this typical scenery of early summer in Iwate.
About a hundred colorfully dressed horses parade from Onikoshi sozen shrine in Takizawa Cityto Hachimangu Shrine in Morioka(about 13km).


This festival was originally held by farmers to pray for their horses which were tired from busy planting season. At the time, horses were valuable for people and farmers were taking care of them as one of their family members. This value was also seen in Nanbumagariya (old farmers house designed by combining a house and a horse barn). Farmers dressed their horses with colorfull cloths and bells to take them to the shrine to pray. “Chagu Chagu” as in a title of the parade, came from the sound of bells ringing when they walked towards the shrine. “Umakko” means the friendly way of saying horse in Iwate accent.
This parade is specified as one of intangible folk cultural property in Iwate.